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I f you require a steady income and a balanced portfolio, then you should opt for a fixed income investment strategy which involves an array of fixed income selections that give constant returns regularly and are unaffected by economic factors such as inflation and do not vary continuously like a dividend.

A perfect example of a fixed income strategy is a bond which may be issued by the government, the municipality or an extremely reputable organization. Bonds have an arranged interest rate that continues throughout the age of the bond, and the principal amount is also returned upon maturity.

About American Vertex Trading Corporation

At American Vertex Trading Corporation, we hold strong-rooted beliefs in building long-term relationships that will create, preserve and nuture your wealth.

Our clients can expect an innovative, high quality service, combining orthodox trading values with an entrepreneurial approach to isolate the very best opportunities the markets have to offer. Our core philosophies of acting with integrity and honesty underpin the very way we live, work and breathe. We approach things together, head on and through our sheer determination, we always achieve superior results and consntantly strive for improvement.

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