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E quities are most common or popular stock, foreign equities of close-ended funds that depict the proprietorship stakes inside organizations whereas an exchange trade fund or simply an ETF is an index tracked fund, bond, commodity or a collection of equities that is either sold or bought on the market and mirrors the way an average stock would be traded in the stock market This approach does not require a money manager and therefore costs less than mutual funds.

ETFs are a straight forward, low-cost, tax-efficient way to help build the foundation of a portfolio. With only a handful of these funds you're able access to broad exposures of stocks and bonds that meet individual investment goals. Whatever your goals are, ETFs can help.

About American Vertex Trading Corporation

At American Vertex Trading Corporation, we hold strong-rooted beliefs in building long-term relationships that will create, preserve and nuture your wealth.

Our clients can expect an innovative, high quality service, combining orthodox trading values with an entrepreneurial approach to isolate the very best opportunities the markets have to offer. Our core philosophies of acting with integrity and honesty underpin the very way we live, work and breathe. We approach things together, head on and through our sheer determination, we always achieve superior results and consntantly strive for improvement.

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